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Welcome - Rules

Be Nice.

:bulletblack: Follow the correct submission. I do check the folders and if I see constant repeats of submitting into the wrong gallery, I will contact you about it. There are a ton of submissions.

:bulletblack: If a folder is full, and I'm not aware of it, please pop a line to us.

:bulletblack: If you feel there needs to be a new Folder, please make the suggestion. The worst response you'll get is me eating your soul er me giving you a reason why it's not needed just yet.

:bulletblack: Keep it everyone appropriate. I'm not going to be a hard ass on rules--as this place has been a free for all since its creation. But let's not get too nuts.

:bulletblack: The Favorites are for you to suggest the works of others, please do not suggest your own works.

:bulletblack: I'll pick deviations from recent submission on occasion to feature, please take a look. You never know, you might be in there eventually!

:bulletred: Things that will subject you to removal include any hatred directed toward any group that shares a natural trait that cannot be helped. If you hate women, leave. If you hate men, also leave. If you want to bag on the black community, get lost. If you want to bag on the white community, also get lost. Don't like gays? Good for you, go away. Don't like straights? Good for you, and go away. And every group in between, above, below, and to all sides. Do not be a dick. This is the prime Rule.

Most of all, keep the submissions coming. There's a lot of talent collected here and I'd like to see more of it :heart:.

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I am the new Co-Founder of the group and I hope to help it grow even more, most likely by making it a super group in the near future.  If you have any questions just send me a message.  Also, there will be no more advertising in our comments section, please respect this. If you continue to do this your comment will be marked as spam and you could be warned.  After 2 warnings you will be blocked.  Let's work together to achieve our utmost success.

Edit: From AssClownFish , with an apology for my absence again, on behalf of failing health and poor communication with doctors, I will be trying to get the folders adjusted once more, so if there are full folders, that have no been mentioned, please make a note of them and I will adjusting them!

Additionally, blocking over advertisements in comments won’t be a thing, as I have, in the past, encouraged commenting there myself. There’s still discussion that needs to happen on the backend. As you know, the rules on this group are extremely loose, from the day of conception years and years ago, and that will not change dramatically. There will be improvements but not at the cost of the laid back nature of the group. It is just unfortunate that I am not in the position I was in before to tend to it with the tenacity I once did. But I have not abandoned it. So stay tuned for future changes.

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